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Aquaponics is a form of aquaculture where waste produced by farmed fish supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn then clean the water, creating a self-sufficient cycle of exchange and growth. 

At Urban Farm-It we believe that an aquaponic consultant’s work is very similar to an aquaponics system, prioritising sustainability and productivity in a project. Our consultancy co-operative approach brings with it an “aquaponic consultancy ecosystem” where you will have access to a team of specialists able to tackle all the challenges you may face.

  • Access to our extensive consultant network
  • System & Process Design
  • Business Planning & Review
Aquaponics roots

Ready to scale up?

From identifying, designing and building a suitable system that meets your needs to ad hoc problem solving, Urban Farm-It has access to the knowledge and expertise to ensure your success.

Our personal and professional approach to consultancy caters to a range of project needs and sizes. Working both remote and in person, the Urban Farm-It consultancy co-operative approach is sure to meet your needs.

Learn more about the Urban Farm-It co-operative consultancy. 

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Aquaponics Consultancy FAQs

Will I be able to choose which consultant(s) I work with?

Our cooperative approach to aquaponics consultancy enables us to be flexible with selecting the consultants that will work on your project. When working together, we will find the best-suited experts for your needs and the right approach to bring your vision to life. Our aquaponics consultants are experts in their field – from aquaponics design, build or the resurrection of old set-ups – we will find the perfect fit for your project. Our network of aquaponics consultants is diverse, so rest assured we will have the right people for your requirements.

Do you offer more than just the building of a system?

The initial setup of your system is not our end goal. Our end goal is to send you into the world of aquaponics fully informed and geared for success.

Our experience and expertise afford you a full-scale insight and guidance into setting up a successful aquaponics business.

From the beginning of the consultancy process, we will inform and guide you through the decision making processes including financial costs and managing associated risks, through to the steps behind developing a successful business model and providing an in-depth analysis of present and future business feasibility.

What benefits can an aquaponics system offer me?

Aquaponics setups are organic and self-sufficient systems. They increase the type of stock and crops you offer, whilst conserving water and working in areas with awkward spaces. A key point is that an aquaponic set-up closely follows natural processes and nitrogen cycling.