Aquaponics in Education

Aquaponics is the raising of fish and plants in a recirculating ecosystem. The fish produce waste which converts to nutrients for the plants. In turn, the plants clean and oxygenate the water for the fish. Fresh produce is grown inside or outside in raised beds consisting of clay pebbles rather than soil. Water from the fish tank is pumped as a liquid fertiliser to the plant grow beds.

Aquaponics is a forward-thinking innovative solution to sustainable food production, allowing children to experience this at a young age inspires them to learn about sustainability and food security among many other subjects!

As a growing method rooted in natural sciences, from the care of fish to the growth cycle of plants to the development of beneficial bacteria to aid the biological process, aquaponics provides children of all ages to engage in “hands-on” experiential learning and enrich their STEM ability

The growth of fish as pets and the addition of lots of fresh and healthy salads make aquaponics a highly enjoyable and engaging way for schools to educate its pupils.

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Urban Farm-It IBC_Tank-3-scaled Aquaponics systems in education

Figure 1 – Concept drawing of a complete aquaponics system

Urban Farm-It Untitled-design Aquaponics systems in education

Figure 2 – The aquaponics cycle

What can aquaponics teach your students?

As a learning tool, aquaponics excites and inspires pupils to learn about natural life and incorporating many elements of the curriculum allow it to be used extensively across KS1 to KS3.

Why not create a new extra-curricular aquaponics club or eco-council at your school?

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Caring for living things

Teach children the importance to care for nature, fulfilling both the needs of the fish and the plants.


Children can measure the fish length and weigh them to see how they grow!

Eating healthy is fun!

It’s proven that involving children in the growth of produce excites them to eat healthily. A major trend for early years.


Pupils can use the fish and growing plants to draw exciting drawings or paint pictures.


From lessons about ecosystems, plant growth, the lifecycle of fish to the nitrogen cycle, aquaponics provides a readily available excellent tool for STEM education


Educating pupils on food miles and organic produce or even water conservation

No Mess, No Soil!

Plants are grown in a light clay ball medium so there's no digging and no mess!

Easy To Care For

Just feed the fish daily and harvest the delicious produce when ready, no weeding either!

Excellent Learning Tool

Allowing pupils to get hands-on greatly improves their learning.

Suitable For All Ages

Aquaponics intrigues everyone one from toddlers to teachers and parents as an exciting 'new' method.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and

I remember, involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

Experiential learning is proven to enable pupils to better grasp concepts along with many other benefits, learning through doing gives pupils the opportunity to be more creative whilst collaborative with classmates. Exciting methods of experiental learning which involve leaving the classroom allow teachers to observe improved attitides to learn.

Learning need not be focused around aquaponics as it is yet to form part of the curriculum but it allows students a ‘wow’ point of entry into many new topics whilst enabling children with particular interest to get involved within extra-curricular activities.

We believe that aquaponics promotes responsibility and independence at any age as children become involved in the caring for the fish and the maintenance of the system. Allowing children to plant their own plants gives the opportunity to achieve goals with the occasional failure opening their view to be self-confident and resillient.

Another key benefit of teaching through aquaponics is that children will develop abilities to carry out tasks and at times being flexible with their decision-making, they’ll actively work to solve problems posed at them by nature. The inquisitive mind that is developed is also said to improve concentration back in the classroom

What exactly is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a culmination of aquaculture, i.e raising fish and hydroponics, which is growing plants without soil. The fish, of which we’d recommend goldfish or carp, discrete waste which is converted by microbes into a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the plants. The plants take in the nutrients and grow quicker and stronger than in traditional soil gardening, whilst at the time being much simpler and less resource intensive. the vegetables clean the water that goes back to the fish.

Google “Aquaponics” and we’re sure you’ll be at least a little intrigued!

What can aquaponics teach my pupils and community?

The extent to which aquaponics can provide a platform for learning is bountiful, with obvious applications within science, perhaps looking at plant cycles or at a more advanced level, looking at the unique chemistry of the water. It provides an exciting way to visualise sustainability in action as well as engaging children in an exciting way to grow fresh vegetables, improving their diets and health in the process.

What do we provide?

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What ages is this suitable for?

Educational elements of the system would primarily suit the curriculum of KS2 and KS3 but it will definitely excite toddlers and adults alike! Many people we tell about aquaponics at all ages are excited to know more!

Do we need any previous experience? Is it easy to use?

You won’t need any prior experience of any type to be able to look after the system, we will provide as much help as you need but aquaponics is relatively simple once the concepts are understood.

Can’t usually keep fish alive? We’re using super hardy varieties and will help you achieve the best possible environment.

Not got a green thumb? Not a problem! Aquaponics is self watering, you won’t ever have to weed it and soil-borne pests are a thing of the past!

Got any more questions or want some more information?

We’re currently producing a comprehensive factsheet which will answer many of your questions, and yes, we admit there may be a fair few! In the meantime, you can email us and we’d be happy to answer any questions, alternatively schedule a call and we’ll be in touch to chat about the exciting concept of aquaponics.

Who are we?

We are passionate about aquaponics and alternative sustainable growing methods of food production, we feel they create an exciting learning experience for both children and adults.

Why we want to get in schools?

We have a vision that the world will be a very different place by the time your pupils mature, resources will be scarce and the status quo will be greatly altered. Aquaponics is predicted by the United Nations to be a big player in future food production so we’re excited to introduce the younger ages to it now.

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