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Growing Your Own

By 03/09/2021Methods

Growing your mushrooms couldn’t be easier, especially with an Urban Farm-It grow your own mushroom kit and providing you give them their ideal temperature and conditions, they’ll reward you with some delicious and beautiful mushroom flushes. With one of our grow your own kits, you’ll have the opportunity to grow unusual and rare mushrooms.

Mushrooms are extremely healthy and growing them is fascinating as you see them grow from your special chopped straw substrate into stunning colours. More than this, they’re low in calories and brimming with vitamins and nutrients.

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

Mushrooms grow from spores which you can’t see with the naked eye, we do that hard work for you and turn these into seeds that you can use. They prefer to grow from sawdust, grains, straw or wood. The spores along with the nutrients which activate them is called spawn. Most of our kits come with spawn, when you order a gift for a friend, they’ll come to our website to request their spawn separately so that we can make sure it’s super fresh!

Although it might not look like much, mushrooms are very lively and kept for too long without giving them the right conditions will stop them from growing so make sure you read the instructions in our grow you own mushroom kit well.

The spawn gives the mushroom’s their ‘bodies’ called mycelium, this appears like a white mould but is a great sign that you will soon have a bountiful harvest.

Our grow your own mushroom kits use straw as a growing medium but you could use cardboard, logs, wood chips or coffee. It really is up to you and it’s very versatile. Perhaps start with one of our grow your own kits and then get experimenting!

Where to Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms need to be in warm and humid growing environments, check out the instructions in the mushroom kit for more tips.

Most mushrooms grow ideally between 18 and 25 degrees celcius. Whilst mushrooms won’t be too concerned about some light, they shouldn’t be exposed to it regularly or for extended periods of time.

If you’re interested to give it a go, order one of our mushroom grow kits today!

Pink mushoom growing kit
Gold oyster mushroom kit held in hands
Lady holding her home grown mushrooms

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