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What We Can Offer

Using hydroponics we can move beyond soil-based growing setups. Hydroponics allows us to grow plants in substrates other than soil by directly running nutrient-rich water through the roots. The result is boosted performance and a range of new potential growing techniques.

Urban Farm-It’s hydroponic services draw on a co-operative of consultants to deliver reliable and first-class output. We will identify and engage the correct hydroponic consultant for your project and then manage the project through to completion.

  • Access to our extensive consultant network
  • System & Process Design
  • Business Planning & Review

Ready to scale up?

Urban Farm-It consultancy offers direct solutions to your project challenges. From water quality management to bespoke system design and build, Urban Farm-It has access to the knowledge and expertise to ensure success.

Our personal and professional approach to consultancy caters to a range of project needs and sizes. Working both remote and in person, the Urban Farm-It consultancy co-operative approach is sure to meet your needs. 

Learn more about the Urban Farm-It co-operative consultancy.

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Hydropio Consultancy FAQs

What can a hydroponics setup bring to my farm/commercial business?

Hydroponics allows for the utilisation of a wide range of spaces, as well as the maximisation of areas that otherwise could not normally offer a crop of plants due to the lack of soil and/or light. Hydroponics can also diversify your offering of crops, offer you the chance to re-purpose brownfield sites and have low impact on the ecology of the surrounding environment.

What range of hydroponics services do you offer?

From installation to education to propagation, our network of consultants is wide reaching and varied. If there is a service you require, we will strive to find you the expert you need.

Are all the consultancy services you have on offer in-person?

Our co-operative approach to consultancy means that we can bring our hydroponics consultancy to you – be that online or in person. Book an initial, free fifteen-minute chat with one of our team to discuss your idea.

How do you structure your consultancy rates?

We operate our consultancy rates on a tiered system. An online consultancy meeting will have a lower rate than an on-site meeting. However, the two styles offer different benefits to your project. We may also evaluate your project and give an overall projection.

Our rates are based on a combination of factors; from ensuring that our consultants are paid fairly for their work and knowledge, to getting you the best quality products and livestock.

We want urban growing and Hydroponics to be something that is accessible to all, so we always aim to work in a flexible manner.

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