Foraging and mushroom growing course


Join us at the picturesque Whitstable castle for our full-day general foraging and mushroom growing course. Designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this mushroom cultivation course will take you on a nature walk through Duncan Down before trying your hand at low tech mushroom farming. If you are looking to re-connect with nature, become more self-sufficient with your food, and have fun doing it then this is the day for you! 

  • Full day course with lunch included
  • Take home 2 mushroom grows and detailed learning resources
  • 20% discount voucher at Urban Farm-It
  • Invitation to exclusive the Urban Growers community group
Book Now £190

What you will learn


  • Foraging wild mushrooms
  • Safety when foraging in different environments
  • How to identify common trees and understand any medicinal uses of the associated fungi
  • Understand which habitat types may lead to different foraged foods
  • Identify common local (woodland and grassland) fungi depending on the time of year
  • Identify common edible ‘weeds’ and understand medicinal and nutritional benefits
  • Learn more about the cycle of nature’s seasonal foods and what to be looking for during certain times of the year
  • Learn how to grow mushrooms in a number of different settings


  • Mushroom Beds / Mulch

Wine cap mushrooms in beds and mulch is an extremely reliable and diverse way to grow. You can start to produce food in all the dead spaces in your garden or allotment, as well as giving your other plants a serious boost.

  • Logs

Shiitake mushrooms on logs is literally DOING nature! This method allows you to grow food in a totally natural way. Once set up, logs require next to no maintenance making it a great permaculture method.

  • Containers

Oyster mushrooms are extremely fast growers and using containers means you can be harvesting your first crops in just 3 weeks! This method is also perfect for growing in an Urban environment where space can be a challenge.

  • Theory

Along with the theory behind these brilliant methods, you will also learn detail about the lifecycle of mushrooms and gain an appreciation for fungi’s role in nature and how they shape the world in which we live


9am – Meet and greet at castle 
9:30am (latest)- Leave for Duncan down
9:45am-12pm- Return to the castle
12:15pm-1pm- Lunch 
1pm- 3pm- Mushroom growing 
3pm-3:15pm- Break 
3:15pm-5:15pm- Mushroom growing
5:15-5:30- Feedback session 
5:30- Course finishes

What you will get

  • Full day mushroom growing course with experienced instructors. 
  • Resource file to take away containing exclusive content and guides to take your growth to the next level.
  • Take away a living mushroom bag grow & inoculated mushroom log for each student.
  • Lunch and refreshments from the castle restaurant.
  • 20% off voucher for any products on the Urban Farm-It website (Including our mushroom growing kits and mushroom spawn)
  • Access to closed community groups where you can connect with other like people on their growing journey.

Meet the instructor

“Hiya, I’m Scribe. I have been fascinated by fungi since I was a teenager. I remember attending a foraging course on the South Coast of Kent and thinking ‘wow, I would just love to be able to look at a woodland or a grassy verge and see food and medicine rather than just trees, mushrooms and weeds’. Over the last five years or so I have learned to grow my own gourmet and medicinal mushrooms at home as well as studying what amazing plants and fungi grow wild in my local area of East Kent. Trust me there is a living larder on all of our doorsteps! Finding people who are as mad about mushrooms as I am, makes me smile and I love sharing my knowledge with others so that they can grow, eat and enjoy amazing quality fungi at home”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything on the day?

You only need to bring yourself and suitable clothing for the activities. We have the rest covered!

Can I store valuables at the site?

There will not be a safe location for storing valuables until we return from the nature walk in the afternoon. Any valuables left are at the owner’s own risk.

How far is the walk?

The walk will last approximately 2 hours and take place over uneven ground. In that time you may cover 1-2 miles.

What is the minimum age?

This course is for ages 16+ any attendees under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Do you cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements?

Yes! Please notify us directly at least 2 weeks prior to your day.

What should I wear on the day?

You should wear clothes that are comfortable, warm and weather proof. Safe footwear that is good for walking is essential. During the cultivation part of the course you will get a bit messy so that should also be considered!

What times does the course run from and until?

We will meet at the castle at 9AM and the course will finish at 5:30PM.

What is the cancellation/re-scheduling policy?

Cancellations must be at least 2 months in advance of your course day. If you wish to reschedule that must be at least 1 month in advance of your course day.

How many other students are on the course?

The number of students on the course may vary from 8-12.

What is the address of the venue?

Whitstable Castle and Gardens
Tower Hill
Kent CT5 2BW

What level of grower is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for novices to learn the very basics of foraging and mushroom farming. However, the takeaway material will take you to an intermediate level.