Mycelia spawn

fulfilled by Urban Farm-It

Urban Farm is officially the sole distributor of Mycelia products, we supply a variety of their products available to the whole of the UK, freshly prepared and well packaged to ensure your customers receive only the best.

As sole distributors of Mycelia, we offer the best quality of spawn at competitive prices and in shorter lead times.

Our wholesale product range includes grain spawn in 1L and 5L packages and wooden plugs/dowels in 50 pcs and 1000 pcs packages.

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One final purchase price is provided at checkout. This includes all: Fees, shipping, Phytosanitary certificate, handling charges and taxes making it easy to plan your order. No admin fee or hidden charges for any size of order. For non-mainland orders, bespoke shipping price is calculated.


UFI has back tested our pricing vs. equivalent direct from Mycelia and found we are able to offer the majority of Mycelia customers a lower overall cost.


This year a compulsory phytosanitary certificate will be introduced. That means an extra cost of €78 per shipment, regardless of size. Urban Farm-It will absorb this for you, allowing low volume purchasers to continue sourcing Mycelia grade spawn cost effectively.


You can purchase in pounds (£). Following Brexit and Coronavirus, the future of our economies is unknown. UFI will help to mitigate risk to our customers by absorbing the fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

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All UFI spawn will be imported in temperature-controlled containers. UFI will then use a 24 hour courier service (mainland UK). This means that your spawn spends far less time out of refrigeration than previously.

UFI is now a priority distributor of Mycelia. You will get access to the freshest spawn batches as they are produced. Effectively jumping the queue in production line.

Because of reduced lead times and quality control, you will be able to order lower volume more frequently. Removing the need to hold stock for long periods at your location.



All Urban Farm-It staff are UK based and ready to answer any queries you may have. If you have a technical question don’t worry, you can still speak with Mycelia directly if you wish!


Get common strains of spawn in days rather than weeks.


Slick, hassle free and transparent online purchasing experience.


UFI is a small business, that means you have access to the Director or Operations manager for any major issues. We will work with you to create the perfect system to suit your needs.

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How Does it Work?

“In order to maintain high quality standards UFI will only keep a small “holding stock” on site for rapid fulfilment. If you order is larger than this stock, additional days lead time may be required in order to import sufficient quantities. Please use the filters on the shop for accurate lead times.”

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Who do I contact for help?

The Urban Farm-It team will be here to answer most queries you have regards ordering, delivery and product information. However, if you need more in depth technical information, you may also contact Mycelia directly.

Will I pay any export or import duty?

No, all costs are built into the UFI pricing structure. No additional charges after you have added items to basket.

Can I collect directly from UFI?

Yes, but please book a slot in advance.

Does UFI hold stock for large orders?

No, we only hold a small stock of the most common strains. However, to safeguard spawn quality we import weekly shipments from Mycelia

Terms & Conditions

Our full Terms & Conditions can be found here

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More Questions?

If you have any specific queries about how this works or for other wholesale enquiries, send us a message!