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How long does my spawn take to arrive?

Our spawn is dispatched next working day and sent first class. Typically this service takes 1-3 working days for UK shipping.

Should I start the process before my spawn arrives?

No! Even though we ship spawn requests next day and first class, we cannot guarantee that there wont be a hold up. Consequently, it is always a safer bet to wait until the spawn is in hand.

I haven't stored my spawn correctly, can I still use it?

After receiving your spawn it should be used ASAP in order to help maintain its quality. However, that is not always possible. Please follow storage instructions. As a general guide, if it can be broken up (rather than solid block) and smells ok (natural not rotten) then it will be ok.

If you have any doubts we recommend contacting us to get a replacement as the quality of spawn going into your grow will directly effect the final productivity.

How long is my spawn voucher valid for?

It is valid for 1 year from the time of purchase.

My spawn looks white and mouldy is that normal?

Yes! the white cobweb like growth is the mycelium. mycelium is the main part of the mushroom organism and is a good sign. If there is mycelium growth, then your spawn is healthy.

Where can I learn more about growing mushrooms in different ways?

Once registered (free) you will have access to the Urban Farm-It learn section. There is a host of downloadable material to take your growing to the next level.

I want to claim multiple types of spawn

This page is for claiming one type of spawn only. In order to claim other types of spawn, you will need to start on the relevant page for that type. For the website address link to get there, see your voucher.