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Permaculture draws knowledge from nature to create agricultural systems which are self-sufficient and sustainable such as no dig gardening. It is a set of techniques that go beyond the traditional ideas of an allotment or vegetable patch by incorporating no dig and other harmonious methods.

At Urban Farm-It, we believe that permaculture or no dig method should also go beyond the garden spade and be something accessible to everybody. Consequently, our co-operative approach to consultancy will help to crack no dig gardening for beginners and advanced level alike 

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Urban Farm-It consultancy offers direct solutions to your project challenges. From soil management to starting a new no-dig garden, Urban Farm-It has access to the knowledge and expertise to ensure success.

Our personal and professional approach to consultancy caters to a range of project needs and sizes. Working both remote and in person, the Urban Farm-It consultancy co-operative approach is sure to meet your needs. 

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