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Urban farm it would love to introduce you to the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed. This seaweed is a large cold-water seaweed which grows in the Alantic Ocean and is locally known as feamainn bhuí, rockweed, Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp, knotted wrack or egg wrack. Ascophyllum nodosum is from the Fucaceae family

The seaweed is dried and cold-pressed leaving the liquid full micronutrients and chemical free. This magical plant food will help increase yields, create healthier plants and flowers and can be used on the lawn!

Seaweed has been harvested for use as a plant supplement since Roman times, with the earliest evidence of its use being in the Scottish islands. The practice appears to have caught on and by the nineteenth-century many British coastal locations boasted their own seaweed gathering operations. Modern gardeners who use liquid kelp extract, such as Shropshire Seaweed, continue a British growing tradition stretching back over 1,500 years.



Special growth hormones called cytokinins and auxins act like ‘plant steroids.’ They’re absorbed directly through the foliage and result in larger vegetables; juicier fruits with longer shelf-lives; and fuller crops across the board.


Seaweed’s plant hormones also work below the surface, stimulating the development of more extensive root systems. This helps to increase water access, resistance to root diseases, and offers protection against wind damage.


Alginates are a well-known ‘clay improver’ and also help to hold water in the topsoil. Meanwhile, seaweed encourages microbes within the soil to convert unavailable nutrients into a form that plants can actually use.


Seaweed contains many vital micronutrients that help protect against stress and disease. Alginic acid and mannitol, also present in seaweed, are superb carriers of these elements, taking them straight to where they’re needed.


Seaweed increases the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, allowing plants to better harness energy from the sun. With more energy plants enjoy stronger growth and appear greener, healthier and more vibrant.

The Result

The seaweed nutrients offer an immediate pick-me-up to plants of all shapes and sizes. Over the medium-to-long-term, they’ll also enjoy signifcant improvements in terms of soil quality, root structure and energy capture. Seaweed creates a complimentary environment for healthier plants and stronger growth.


Application Instructions