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Welcome to the only 100% sustainable seed kit in the world. Spicymoustache and Urban Farm-It have joined forces to provide all of the knowledge, tools and support you need to grow food successfully without negatively impacting the planet. Learn how to create your own ecosystem anywhere and experience the joy of self-sufficient living!

You’ll receive the following seeds in your eco-friendly seed packets,

  • Marigold – The Protector
  • Lemon Balm – The Doctor
  • Lettuce – The Sprinter
  • Tomato – The Producer
  • Dwarf Bean – The Nutritionist

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There’s a full list of recipes on how to create your own skin salve, infused oil or extend the shelf life of your harvest. If you scan the QR code on the instructions, you will be redirected to a full list of recipes (including video tutorial), detailed plant information on how, when and where to plant it for the best result.

We want to empower people with one of the best skills you could ever have, growing your own food!

The kit comes with a full line of sustainable and 100% compostable items, so you can transform each component into something valuable to reuse for your plants:

Box – Cardboard to be used for your compost or as a base layer for your new garden bed
Box sleeve – made with sustainable board and natural ink
Seed packet – The best eco friendly material on the market
Coir disks – Made with coconut husks and 100% compostable
Labels – Made from sustainably harvested wood
Seed stickers – Natural glue and eco-friendly materials

You’ll receive the following seeds in your eco-friendly seed packets:

  • Marigold – The Protector
  • Lemon Balm – The Doctor
  • Lettuce – The Sprinter
  • Tomato – The Producer
  • Dwarf Bean – The Nutritionist

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