All-Purpose Natural Plant Food Concentrate (500ml)


Here we have the magic potion. With an incredible nutritional profile and dilution rate, our natural plant food not only goes a long way but also provides a complete set of nutrients for your plants. Applicable indoor, outdoor and commercially.

Urban Farm-It uses natural methods, eco-friendly packaging, and recyclable materials to bring you the highest quality products. Our all-purpose natural plant food is a bio-microbial fertiliser with naturally fixed soluble micro and macro-nutrients- ideal for indoor and outdoor plants; it’s easy to spray directly to the roots through the soil and also to spray it onto the leaves; our plant food is made entirely from naturally grown seaweed and sustainably sourced.

Every grower loves to see their plants strong and healthy. This food will help you to take a big step away from nutrient deficiencies and towards fast, chemical free growth


Source: Wild harvested ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM seaweed

Dilution rate: 1:500 (10ml makes 5L of liquid food)

Suitability: Foliar or Direct feeding



Nitrogen .62%

Phosphorous .12%

Potassium 2.11%

Calcium 1.95%

Magnesium 1.23%

Alongside this impressive nutritional profile it contains naturally occurring growth hormones that are beneficial for root and general plant health