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Transform your empty bottles into your very own herb garden!

This kit makes it easy to grow your own delicious herbs and leaf vegetables at home and without a garden. All you have to do is set up the kit with any plastic bottle, add tap water and watch your plants grow from root to leaf.

You can set up the kit anywhere – in your kitchen, on your bedroom window or even in your lounge. No need to worry about space, the suction pads allow you to setup the bottle farm on any window in your home, saving surface space.  Use it to grow herbs like basil and mint, leafy greens like lettuce and rocket, and even tomatoes and chillies.

  • Carbon Neutral
  • 95% recycled materials

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Here it is, the future of hydroponic technology. This Bottle Farm kit turns any used plastic bottle into an indoor farm. 

Unlike our mushroom growing kits, this Bottle Farm Kit allows you to choose what you’d like to grow. You can grow herbs like basil and coriander, or alternatively, you can grow vegetables such as lettuce and rocket, and even tomatoes and chillies.

Bottle Farm is good for you, and for the planet! Supermarket produce is wrapped in plastic and shipped across the world, which has a large environmental impact. It also loses up to half of its nutrient content by the time it reaches the shelves.

Space efficient: Bottle Farm is designed with two orientations, so it can hang or sit anywhere you have space.

Self Watering: The plants grow in water instead of soil. That means they grow faster, and don’t need regular watering.

Carbon neutral: Bottle Farm is made from over 95% recycled materials. Bottle Farm are also pledging to minimise and offset 100% of their carbon footprint.

No electricity: Sunlight provides all the energy your plants need. That means no wasted electricity.

More Info

This kit contains everything you need to start growing.

Kit Contents:

  • Grow basket x 4
  • Grow Pod x 8
  • Bottle Stand x2
  • Suction Pad x 2
  • Plant seeds
  • Plant fuel
  • Slot template


  • Space efficient design attaches to any window or flat surface
  • Self-watering so your plants are never thirsty
  • Plant Fuel ™ provides all the nutrients needed for quick and healthy growth
  • Bottle Stands designed to work with any bottle
  • Contains enough seeds and Grow Pods to grow twice
  • Made from 95% recycled material

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