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Having grown mushrooms before using a kit, you may want to try by yourself from scratch! This spawn pack contains high quality, fresh living mushroom grain spawn ready for inoculation. Using this you can grow mushrooms all the way to fruit or use it to start your very own mother culture!

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Looking for a fun and different gift which will put you back in touch with nature? You’ve come to the right place! 

We have put together this White Elm Oyster Mushroom growing gift kit to ensure it has everything your gift receiver needs to start growing mushrooms at home! These delicious mushrooms have a slightly woody taste and an aromatic scent. We have made sure that you give only the freshest and best spawn for your gift receiver’s growth, by using a supplier that only settles for the best and fastest spawn recipes in the world. We supply in-depth instructions and expert advice to make the experience both straightforward and productive, allowing harvests of up to 5 flushes!

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If the person you’re buying a gift for is impartial to a home cooked soup or maybe a stir fry, our white elm oyster gift kit is perfect! White Elm Oyster mushrooms are very popular in a lot of dishes, there is a recipe for everyone! 

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving (over multiple harvests) and offers valuable learning as well as a huge amount of joy and satisfaction to have produced your own farm with very little expense? We want to make sure your gift receiver can grow using the freshest spawn possible, this is why within the kit is a spawn voucher rather than the actual spawn. When the recipient is ready to start growing, they simply email the code (found within the main kit box) to Urban Farm-It and we will send out the fresh living spawn free of charge using next day delivery.

This system is unlike any other mushroom kit on the market and guarantees freshness, quality and high yield.

The ideal growing conditions for the White Elm oyster mushrooms are: 16-22 C

We recommend a storage temperature of no more than 5 C

Strain: Pleurotus ostreatus var. Florida

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