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From hobbyists to professionals, every Mycologist can benefit from what a Laminar Flow Cabinet has to offer. Designed to protect your working area from contaminants, at Urban Farm-It we are proud to offer a top-quality and top of the range British made bit of kit. 

Excellent value for money is available to every single customer, as we offer a one-year manufacturer’s parts warranty* on your purchase, as well as next-level customer assistance every step of the way. 

Whilst many opt to build their own laminar flow hoods, our pre-built design comes with many things a home build cannot provide. With Urban-Farm It, the one-year manufacturer’s warranty that offers repairs on any faulty parts gives you more than a sterile working area, it offers peace of mind that your work in mycology will be clean and easy. 

With the quality of this product also comes convenience. The lightweight, plug and play table-top design means that the Flow Cabinet can be easily moved, making it ideal for working areas of any size. There are three types to suit the different needs of your laboratory.

Watch the video below where we demonstrate the power of a high quality, true laminar flow unit.

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Product Description

Our Laminar Flow Cabinet offers a localised clean air solution that can operate up to Class 5 of ISO 14644-1:2015. This means it effectively clears the area of contaminants within the particle-size range 0,1 µm to 5 µm. 

The cabinet comes with four key components included: the Pre-Filter, an H14 Grade HEPA Filter, and a speed-controlled fan unit with a power lead. As well as both the HEPA and pre-filter being replaceable, the cabinet is constructed from plastic coated steel sheets for easy cleaning, promising a long life. 

The constant flow of HEPA-filtered air [high-efficiency particulate air filter], ensures that your mushroom spawn has every chance of going on to become a successful grower. This product contains a HEPA 14 Filter meaning that it filters out 99.995% of contaminants, such as dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, and any airborne particulates. Many flow hoods offer a 99.7% filtration, however, when it comes to professional work, this 0.3-micron difference lowers the contamination rate to a degree that can make a significant impact when dealing with spawn.

When using a Laminar Flow Cabinet, the creation of a sterilised environment is standard. However, many filters fail to maintain this environment due to the way turbulent airflow moves around the unit. Our design features three shields surrounding the Fan and Filter, preventing turbulent air from being sucked back into the sterilised working area. 

We work with an industry leader to build and supply our Laminar Flow Cabinets. They are a specialist company with over a decade’s worth of experience, which combined with the collective of Urban Farm-It’s myriad of mycology knowledge will allow us to give you friendly and detailed customer support. 

More Info

Description Overall Dimensions (mm)Working Area (mm)Part No. 
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet615W x 615D x 945H 560W x 590D x 590H1845106
Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet615W x 675D x 615H 580W x 270D x 590H1845106
Fan + Filter Only 615W x 370D x 615H 610H x 610W1845107
Spare Pre Filter (A290)609 x 609 (Actual)n/a 1720905
Spare H14 HEPA Filter 610 x 609 x 66 (Actual)n/a 1510812


Rated airspeed for Laminar Flow: 0.45m/s

Max Current Drawn: 1 Amp

Single Phase 240V 50Hz

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Product Type

Fan & Filter, Horizontal, Vertical

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