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M4622 Flammulina Velutipes – Spawn – 5L

Strain: Flammulina velutipes

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Spawn for professional mushroom producers | 4th generation of mycelium | 5 liter Microsac. Mycelium inoculated from mother spawn bottle or bag. Certified axenic mycelium on sterilized grain, meant for further multiplication. Each portion is double-tested, axenic, and packed in a sealed Microsac.

It’s a novel white stain which developed in 1985. It has abnormally small cap and long stem that are achieved by elevating carbon dioxide levels and limiting light exposure.

Cultivation Info

Binomial nomenclatureFlammulina velutipes
Old nomenclatureNone
Inoculation ratemix with ± 1% spawn
Natural substratecomposition:80% hardwood
mixed fine + coarse
10% cereals
10% bran
humidity:62-63 %
Incubationroom temperature:21-24°C
substrate temperature:
duration:14-18 days
Primordia induction(night time)* temperature:7-10°C
relative humidity:
Fruiting conditionsroom temperature:10-16°C
relative humidity:90-95%
duration:5-8 days
interval:10-12 days
between flushes:
Total production cycle
Average yield400g mushrooms per 1kg substrate

*Primordia are induced by a shock. For most mushroom species, this is done with a thermal shock, which is defined by the minimum temperature during the day-night cycle.

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