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Reishi Mushroom Plug Spawn

Strain: Ganoderma lucidum

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Product Overview

Our Ganoderma Lucidum wood plug spawn is ready for inoculation the second the Urban Farm-It parcel appears on your doorstep. More commonly known as the red reishi mushroom, the red reishi is part of the Ganoderma family of mushrooms. 

In Asian folklore the red reishi’s powerful medicinal qualities are widely sought after. That is why red reishi spawn is often sold cut with similar but slightly different strains of spawn, meaning that sometimes you don’t grow what you get. Our fresh living spawn is double tested, meaning you are guaranteed to receive red reishi and red reishi alone. 

All our spawn boasts a very low generational count. The lower the generation of the spawn, the original spore sample, so at only the fourth generation, this spawn is guaranteed to be both high-quality and dependable. 

  • Suitable for all customers from hobbyists to professionals
  • A great first time grow, perfect for those interested in more than the traditional eating mushroom
  • Stunning colours on the fruiting body
  • Will bring harvests of mushrooms, year after year


Please read below for more species and grow information, specifications, and video. 

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Product Description

Our plug spawn is ideal for cultivating mushrooms from a log. Inoculation of a log is a process involving drilling into a log and hammering the spawn dowel into the hole, before sealing with wax. Red Reishi is often referred to as ‘the immortal mushroom’. A log grow can take up to a year to produce its first harvest, but after that it will provide fruit for eight years; not quite immortal, but a step into the future of sustainable urban growing.  

When young, the mushroom is bitter. As it matures, the reishi will develop a tough woody shell and an even stronger bitter taste. It’s best made into a tea or powder, as cooking it will leave you chewing leathery lumps of mushroom all evening. The beauty of the red reishi mushroom is that there is so much information out there about it and ways to eat it! We really recommend foraging your way through the internet and finding out about its interesting properties. 

All our spawn is stored in specialist breathable Microsac bags. This means that the spawn is always at its freshest, from our fridges to yours.

For larger quantities, check out our wholesale collection. 


More Information 

Growing your own reishi mushrooms is a straightforward process. We’ve got a further guide on how to inoculate logs on our website, and extensive customer aftercare is always available. 

Log Types: Reishi mushrooms grow from dead hardwoods, such as Oak, Ash, Birch or Chestnut, and sometimes fruit trees. Our spawn dowels are a mixture of Ganoderma Lucidum mycelia and birch wood grain. 

Log size: Up to 1.25m long and 10-20cm diameter is ideal (the larger the log the longer to colonisation and the greater the production).

How to inoculate: Use roughly 40-50 plugs per 50cm length (you can speed up colonisation by increasing the density). Use an 8mm drill bit to a depth of 5-6cm and spacing of 10-15cm between holes. Seal with a natural food grade wax to help retain moisture and keep out competing organisms.

When to inoculate: Logs can be plugged anytime although not in frosty conditions is best. Best time to cut is when trees are dormant (winter and early spring).

Fruiting Season: Best between Summer and Autumn, with potential to grow all year round.

NOTE: For slower growing species, such a Ganoderma Lucidum, pasteurisation of the log may be necessary if not totally fresh. For advice on pasteurisation, take a look at our website. 

Additional Information 

Package Size 50, 1000

Cultivation Info

Binomial nameGanoderma lucidum
Old nomenclatureNone
Inoculation ratemix with ± 1% spawn
Natural substratecomposition:80% hardwood, mixed fine + coarse
10% cereals
10% bran
Incubationroom temperature:23 °C
substrate temperature:25 °C
duration:Ca. 18 days
Primordia induction(night time)* temperature:18-24 °C
relative humidity90- 95 %
Fruiting conditionsroom temperature:10-25 °C
relative humidity:80-90 %
CO2-concentration:less than 2000 ppm
light:1000 lux
interval:20-30 days
between flushes:
Total production cycle
Average yield150 g to 200 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate

*Primordia are induced by a shock. For most mushroom species, this is done with a thermal shock, which is defined by the minimum temperature during the day-night cycle.

Important remark: the cultivation guidelines in our technical data sheets are a compilation of the data given to us by experienced cultivators. Individual differences in the cultivation conditions can seriously affect the results.

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Package Size

50 (approx.), 1000 (approx.)

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