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Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn

Strain: Stropharia rugoso-annulata

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Product Overview

More commonly known as The Wine Cap Mushroom, this grain spawn is set for inoculation the minute it appears on your doorstep. Our fresh living spawn is all quickly delivered, in breathable bags ensuring it is free from all competing species.

All our spawn boasts a low generational count. The lower the generation of the spawn, the nearer to original spore sample, so at only the fourth generation, any Urban Farm-It spawn is promised to be both high-quality and dependable. 

The Wine Cap is renowned for how well it grows in any environment; they can tolerate mild heat, have a robust fruiting body and need minimal growing support. This makes them ideal candidates for the back garden!

  • Suitable for all customers, from hobbyists to large-scale growers
  • Abundant fruiting periods, bringing you a plentiful harvest 
  • An earthy, more savoury tasting mushroom 
  • Great if you have minimal space to grow

Please read below for more species and grow information, specifications and video.

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Product Description

The Wine Cap is a wandering mushroom, meaning it will never stick to one place in your growing environment. This makes them ideal for a garden with a woodland feel, or simply a vegetable patch. Their contributions to a veg patch are great as they not only can grow in the same place as other plants meaning you can double your growing space but they also help other plants by providing nutrients and minerals. 

Wine Caps are often used as an alternative to portobello mushrooms, serving as a good meat substitute in many dishes. They’re a desirable and reliable choice for any first-time mushroom farmer, as they have the unusual ability to weather mild heat, making them perfect for a vegetable garden or allotment. Whereas other varieties may struggle over Spring and Summer, the Wine Cap keeps going, bringing you your harvest before you know it. They have a more bitter taste compared to other mushrooms but are brilliant when fried in butter or as part of a pasta dish. 

The grain/straw that our spawn comes on allows the Wine Cap spores to feed and thrive until inoculated onto a new substrate. All our spawn is stored in specialist breathable Microsac bags. These bags allow CO2 and oxygen to move freely, whilst filtering out bacteria and contaminants.  


More Information 

Best growing location: Preferably near water or in a damp area, and with lots of shade. 


Growing temperature: An ambient temperature that isn’t in direct sun or blisteringly hot.  


Growing Setting: Wine Caps often grow in areas where there are lots of dead leaves and wood. In gardens they often appear where there are damp wood chip paths or compost areas.  


Spawn storage temperature: 2o

Fruiting temperature: 10-20oC  


Growing seasons: Spring, Summer, early Autumn 


Planting Season: Springtime, when frost is no longer a regular occurrence OR early Autumn before the first frost.  

Cultivation Info

Binomial nameStropharia rugoso-annulata
Old nomenclatureNone
Inoculation ratemix with ± 2% spawn
Natural substratestraw
Incubationroom temperature:20-22 °C
substrate temperature:25-30 °C
duration:Ca. 4 weeks
Primordia induction(night time)* temperature:
relative humidity:
Fruiting conditionsroom temperature:10-20 °C
relative humidity:80- 85%
CO2-concentration:less than 1500 ppm
light:not necessary
interval:2- 4 weeks
between flushes:
Total production cycle4- 5 months
Average yield150 g to 200 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

*Primordia are induced by a shock. For most mushroom species, this is done with a thermal shock, which is defined by the minimum temperature during the day-night cycle.

†Mushroom weight immediately after harvesting, and wetted substrate weight prior to inoculation.

Important remark: the cultivation guidelines in our technical data sheets are a compilation of the data given to us by experienced cultivators. Individual differences in the cultivation conditions can seriously affect the results.

Additional information

Weight0.075 kg
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100ml (approx.60g), 1L (approx.600g), 5L (approx.3KG)

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