Substrate Production & Mushroom Cultivation Course From Mycelia
Substrate Production & Mushroom Cultivation Course From Mycelia

Substrate Production & Mushroom Cultivation Course From Mycelia


Join Mycelia for a unique and intensive 5-day training course on lignicolous mushroom cultivation in Belgium. This course offers comprehensive training on all aspects of substrate production, from composition to inoculation. Participants will delve into incubation and fruiting stages, layout, climate, pests, and diseases, with a focus on hygiene as a crucial aspect of substrate and mushroom production.

Powered by the unparalleled expertise of Jürgen Kynast, a renowned authority on lignicolous mushroom cultivation. Jürgen brings to the table his years of experience working for Pilzgarten in Germany, primarily in quality control and scientific research. As the current General Manager of Substratproduktion Kynast, his insights into the nuances of cultivating exotic mushrooms and substrate production are second to none.

Unlike the secrecy that shrouds much of the mushroom growing industry, we believe in open learning. This course promises to unveil insights, data, and figures that are typically guarded closely, paving the way for you to leapfrog years of trial and error, or enhance your production levels.

Key Features

  • Expert-led Sessions: Interact and learn from Jürgen Kynast, an authority in lignicolous mushroom cultivation with years of experience at Pilzgarten and Substratproduktion Kynast.
  • Holistic Training: The course covers all facets from substrate composition, hygienization, inoculation, to incubation and fruiting stages.
  • Real-world Exposure: A dedicated day to visit professional growers, offering insights into real-world production systems, challenges, and successes.
  • Certification: Receive a recognized certificate and access to all slide shows, documents, and images post-training.

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