Test Pink Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

Test Pink Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

Pleurotus djamor
Variety: Pleurotus djamor
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This Pink Oyster Mushroom spawn pack contains high-quality, fresh living mushroom grain spawn ready for inoculation at home. 

Using our spawn, it is extremely easy to grow mushrooms all the way to fruit or use it to start your own mother culture.

Our strains are specifically selected for their high yield, vibrant colours and strong flavours. Boasting an incredibly low generation number, this laboratory-grade grain spawn can’t be matched in terms of quality and reliability.

Key Features

  • Lab-grade, fresh living grain spawn for easy home inoculation.
  • Specially selected strains for high yield, vibrant colours, and strong flavours.
  • Capable of up to 5 big harvests.
  • Low generation spawn count, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability.
  • First harvest achievable in just 3 weeks.
  • Compatible with hardwood and wheat straw substrates.

Cultivation Info

Pleurotus djamor
Inoculation Rate
Mix with ± 2-10% spawn
Recommended Substrate
Hardwood / (wheat) straw
Room temperature of 20-22 °C, Substrate temperature of 25-30 °C, Duration of 13-16 days
Primordia Induction
(night time)* temperature: lower to 18-24 °C; relative humidity: 90-95%
Fruiting Conditions
Room temperature of 18-28 °C, Relative humidity of 85-90%, Light of 800-1500 lux, CO2-concentration of 1000ppm
Number: 2-3 per month; interval: 10-12 days; between flushes: relative humidity increase to 90-95%
Total Production Cycle
Approximately 2.5 months
Average Yield
150 to 200g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

Flavour Profile

The Pink Oyster Mushroom possesses a distinct and enjoyable flavour, often likened to the smoky hints of bacon or ham, making it a great organic substitute in meat-free meals. Initially bitter when eaten raw, this mushroom transforms under heat, revealing its mild yet rich depth of taste. Depending on their growing conditions, Pink Oysters can present a range of textures - from delicate and thin to thick and meaty, with a tendency to be chewier than other oyster varieties.

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