Mushroom Fruiting Blocks

Our pre-inoculated fruiting blocks simplify the mushroom cultivation process, saving you time and effort. For more varieties of mushrooms, check out our Wholesale Spawn range.

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      Best Ready-To-Fruit Blocks Available

      Discover the ease and convenience of growing gourmet mushrooms with our Ready-to-Fruit Mushroom Fruiting Blocks. Expertly engineered for the highest yields, these substrate blocks have been inoculated with premium quality spawn and cultivated using our specially formulated substrate mix. Ideal for home-scale production or commercial applications, our ready-to-fruit blocks simplify the mushroom growing process, allowing you to bypass the mixing, sterilization, inoculation, and incubation stages.


      Our ready-to-fruit blocks are available in Oyster, Shiitake, Maitake, King Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi varieties, all organically certified.

      Our fruiting blocks are prepared using a specially formulated substrate mix and inoculated with high-quality grain spawn to ensure maximum yield and growth efficiency.

      Yes, our ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks are specifically designed for commercial growers, delivering consistently high yields and quality to meet your business demands.

      Simply place the fully colonised fruiting blocks into your commercial fruiting environment, maintaining appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions.