Brown Button Mushroom Grain Spawn

Brown Button Mushroom Grain Spawn

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A popular variety of edible mushrooms, the button mushroom is often seen on supermarket shelves. Now available to grow at home, this is a great option for large harvests of fruit and a wonderful way to help reduce the amount people buy from supermarkets.

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From the second your Urban Farm-It spawn hits your doorstep all the way to the saucepan, button mushrooms are a brilliant and simple place to start for anyone looking to grow or sell their own produce.

Our fresh living spawn is double-tested and axenic, meaning that it is free from all other competing species. You are guaranteed to get a harvest of healthy button mushrooms, and button mushrooms alone.

  • Suitable for hobbyists or professionals
  • A perfect venture for those looking at growing edible mushrooms
  • Naturally contain high levels of Vitamin D
  • Great way to reduce your supermarket waste

Cultivation Info

Binomial nameAgaricus bisporus
Old nomenclatureNone
Inoculation rate8-10 litre spawn / ton
Natural substratetraditional or synthetic Agaricus-compost
Incubationcompost temperature:23-27 °C
duration:13-17 days
CO2-concentration:5000-12000 ppm
Primordia induction(night time)* temperature:20-21 °C
air temperature:17-18 °C
relative humidity:90-95 %
CO2-concentration:1000-1200 ppm
Fruiting conditionstemperature:
air temperature:
Flushesnumber:2 to 5
between flushes:
Total production cyclefrom the end of incubation: 5 to 11 weeks
Average yield30 to 35 kg/ m² at a fill weight of 90 kg/ m² fully grown compost

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