M2604 Pleurotus eryngii - Spawn - 5L bag

M2604 Pleurotus eryngii - Spawn - 5L bag

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Our website does not contain specific cultivation information on this strain because unfortunately, we don’t have first-hand experience fruiting it.

For growing parameters, please consult a professional or specific literature.

We have optimized growing conditions for other Pleurotus strains. Why don’t you try growing it with the information from those?

Should you be successful in fruiting this species, please let us know your incubation / fruiting conditions so we can increase our cultivation database.

When we have gathered sufficient information, we will share it here.

Cultivation Info

Binomial nomenclature Pleurotus eryngii
Old nomenclature None
Inoculation rate mix with ± 1% spawn
Natural substrate composition: 75% hardwood, mixed fine + course
10% cereals
5% oil seeds
10% bran
humidity: 65-70 %
Incubation room temperature: 23-25 °C
substrate temperature: 25-28 °C
duration: 10-15 days
Primordia induction (night time)* temperature: lower to 18 °C
relative humidity:
Fruiting conditions room temperature: 12-15 °C
relative humidity: 95-97%
CO2-concentration: < 1200 ppm
light: 800- 1500 lux
Flushes number: 2
interval: 1-2 weeks
between flushes: relative humidity increase up to 90%
Total production cycle Ca. 2 months
Average yield 150 to 180 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate

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