Maitake Mushroom Plug Spawn (Hen of the Woods)
Maitake Mushroom Plug Spawn (Hen of the Woods)

Maitake Mushroom Plug Spawn (Hen of the Woods)

Grifola frondosa
Variety: Grifola frondosa
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Our Hen of the Woods (Grifola Frondosa) plug spawn is ready for inoculation the second it turns up at your home. Our spawn is made in labs and stored in breathable bags meaning that it is free from all other competing species.

All of our spawn boasts a very low generational count. The lower the generation of the spawn, the nearer to the original spore sample, so at only the fourth generation, this spawn is guaranteed to be both high-quality and dependable.

‘Hen of the Woods’ will live up to its name and bring you a high yield. Instead of eggs, you’ll harvest vibrantly coloured and strong flavoured mushrooms with a naturally sweet taste.

  • Suitable for all customers from hobbyists to professionals

  • A nutty, sweet tasting mushroom

  • Large fruiting bodies for plenty of produce

  • Will bring harvests of mushrooms, year after year

Please read below for more species and grow information, specifications, and video.


Cultivation Info

Binomial nomenclature Grifola frondosa
Old nomenclature None
Inoculation rate mix with ± 1% spawn
Natural substrate composition: 80% hardwood, mixed fine + coarse
10% cereals
10% bran
Incubation room temperature: 23 °C
substrate temperature: 25 °C
duration: Ca. 18 days
Primordia induction (night time)* temperature: 18-24 °C
relative humidity 90- 95 %
Fruiting conditions room temperature: 12-18 °C
relative humidity: 90-95%
CO2-concentration: 2000-5000 ppm
light: 200 lux
Flushes number: 2
interval: 20-30 days
between flushes:
Total production cycle
Average yield Approx. 150 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

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