Yellow-Gold Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn
Yellow-Gold Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

Yellow-Gold Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Also known as Golden Oyster Mushrooms, Yellow Oysters or by their Latin name, Pleurotus citrinopileatus, are best known for their unique, cantharellus-yellow hue and funnel-like shape. Hailing from sub-tropical Asian regions, this particular species offers both aesthetic and culinary sophistication. Our spawn arrives ready for inoculation, so you can begin growing immediately. Stored in specialist breathable bags, our 4th-generation, double-tested, axenic mycelium guarantees optimum conditions for a successful harvest.

Key Features

  • 4th-generation mycelium for professional-grade cultivation.
  • Certified axenic mycelium on sterilised grain ensures purity and quality.
  • Ideal for a range of substrates: straw, coffee grounds, hardwood logs, and even fresh compost heaps.
  • High yield potential with up to <1.5 kg harvested over 3-5 flushes.
  • Quick to harvest: expect your first crop within 3-5 weeks.
  • Infuses dishes with a unique, cashew-like flavour and delicate texture.

Cultivation Info

Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Inoculation Rate
Mix with ± 2-10% spawn
Recommended Substrate
Natural substrate: hardwood / (wheat) straw
Room temperature: 22-24°C, Substrate Temperature: 27-32°C, Duration: 12-13 days
Primordia Induction
(Night time)* temperature: 15-20°C, Relative humidity: 90-95%
Fruiting Conditions
Room temperature: 17-22 (28)°C, Relative humidity: 85%, CO2-concentration: less than 1000 ppm, Light: 800-1500 lux
Number: 2/month, Internal: 8 days, Between flushes: relative humidity increase up to 90-95%
Total Production Cycle
2 months
Average Yield
150 to 200 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

Flavour Profile

Yellow Oyster Mushrooms offer a palate that's distinctly similar to cashew nuts—light, fresh, and subtly complex. When tossed into a pan with a splash of oil, they adopt a very delicate texture. These gourmet fungi are particularly popular in high-end oriental cooking but are versatile enough to complement a steak dinner or stand alone as a sumptuous dish.

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