Mushroom Growing Kits

Grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home with our top-rated mushroom growing kits.

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      Our Mission

      Our aim is to encourage and inspire a positive shift in our culture around sustainable food production and consumption. We wish to introduce people into the wonderful and alternative world of urban farming through accessible education and top quality resources. Our mushroom growing kits are a fantastic way to test the waters and to try growing your own food.

      Our mushroom gift kit features a fresh spawn voucher allowing you to order your mushroom grain spawn when you are ready to start your journey in fungiculture. Our fresh spawn delivery system delivers the highest quality results and maximises your chance of success.

      Enjoy delicious organic and gourmet mushrooms that cannot be beaten by commercial produce on freshness or quality.

      If you find yourself hooked on the process (and we’re sure you will be), why not try something a little more challenging? See our range of aquaponics kits, mushroom spawn or mushroom plugs to scale up or try something new.


      Each of our mushroom grow kits come with a slightly different set of items in the box.

      Our Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits come complete with a heat resistant mushroom growing bag, a straw-based substrate, premium Oyster Mushroom Spawn and detailed step-by-step instructions. The packaging box you receive your kit in is intended to become your growing environment. Simply use the provided plastic liner to line the inside of your box to waterproof it and to create an optimal growing environment.

      The Mushroom Growing Gift Kits are similar to the Oyster growing kit. However, the mushroom spawn can be ordered separately at any time using a unique voucher code. This helps us to ensure you receive the best quality spawn when you’re ready to start growing your mushrooms. Urban growers love this flexibility as it allows their growing to fit into a busy life schedule!

      Our Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit contains 50 Shiitake plugs, log sealing wax, a waxing brush, an 8mm drill bit and access to our comprehensive digital mushroom log growing guide.

      Whether you receive your mushroom spawn with your kit or via a fresh spawn delivery, it should be used immediately. Mushroom spawn can degrade fairly quickly in some conditions so it is best to use it right away or to refrigerate between 1-5C (10C no lower for pink oysters)  until you are ready to use it. Spawn may last up to 2 months in perfect conditions at our farm, but in most home settings, the quality will degrade rapidly and the chances of a successful mushroom harvest will be reduced.

      Oyster mushrooms are incredibly fast-growing when compared to other mushroom species and competing organisms. They can also grow on a variety of substrates making them a flexible and beginner-friendly mushroom to work with. The growing process goes through several stages which generally sees the first flush within 3-4 weeks from inoculation. Pink Oyster Mushrooms may grow even quicker than this, with mushrooms fruiting between 2-3 weeks. See our complete guide to growing oyster mushrooms for more information.

      Mushrooms are not plants and require different care routines. Your mushrooms must not dry out and should be sprayed rather than watered. We recommend spraying your mushrooms twice a day using a sterilised spray bottle. We also suggest spraying the inner lining of your grow kit box to maintain a moist environment with humidity. It is recommended to maintain moisture but not to overdo it as too much water can lead to mould growth. Whilst mushrooms in the wild normally fruit following heavy rainfall, overwatering can actually slow the growth of your crop!

      The optimal temperature for growing your mushrooms will depend on the species you are growing and at which stage in the growing process your mushrooms are at. For example, our blue-grey oyster mushrooms require a constant temperature of 18-22C throughout the incubation period and a temperature of between 8C-18C when incubation is complete. See the product details for the grow kit you are most interested in for species-specific information.

      During the incubation period, we recommend keeping your mushroom kit enclosed in the kit’s box in a place with a consistent room temperature. The ideal temperature will depend on the species of mushroom. Our full instructions included will give you specific temperature requirements for your chosen species.

      Often people use closets, wardrobes or dark rooms to achieve this. However, airing cupboards or next to other heat sources are not suitable. Once incubation has been completed, you will want to move your growing kit to a space with plenty of – but not direct – sunlight and fresh air.

      Greenhouses are not suitable for growing mushrooms.

      For our Mushroom Growing Gift Kit, your spawn can be ordered separately using a voucher code and sent using 24h delivery. Our other growing kits come complete with mushroom spawn in the same order.