Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Blue-Grey Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Our Pink Oyster Mushroom DIY Kit offers an engaging and educational approach to home mushroom cultivation. Unlike "ready to fruit" kits, this DIY kit is designed for those who are keen to understand and participate in every step of the mushroom growing process. It's an excellent choice for hobbyists, beginners, and anyone looking for a thoughtful and unique gift.

The kit contains everything needed to start growing the visually striking and culinary delightful Pink Oyster Mushrooms, known scientifically as Pleurotus djamor.

Renowned for its vibrant pink hue and a flavour profile that is often compared to ham or bacon, it's a favourite among chefs and foodies.

The provided heat-resistant grow bag, filled with chopped wheat straw substrate, creates an ideal environment for mushroom growth. A white liner included in the kit transforms the packaging into a microclimate that maintains optimal humidity.

  • Mushroom Variety: Pink Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus djamor)
  • Ease of Growth: Beginner-friendly with comprehensive guidance
  • Harvest: First harvest in 3-4 weeks, up to 4 harvests yielding ~1kg of mushrooms
  • Instructional Support: Detailed instructions, online materials, and videos
  • Ideal for Beginners: Designed for easy understanding and success
  • Flexible Spawn Options: Live spawn or spawn voucher for later redemption
  • Optimal Growing Conditions: 22-28°C

Our Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit includes:

  • A heat-resistant grow bag filled with an organic straw substrate mix
  • A white liner to transform the box into a growing environment
  • Live Pink Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn (Pleurotus Djamor)
  • A comprehensive set of instructions to guide you through the growing process


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The kit includes a heat-resistant grow bag filled with an organic straw substrate mix, a white liner to transform the box into a growing environment, live pink oyster mushroom spawn (Pleurotus Djamor), and a comprehensive set of instructions.

You can expect to get multiple flushes from your kit, typically 3-5, totalling around 800g-1.5kg of fresh pink oyster mushrooms.

Pink oyster mushrooms have a unique, robust flavour often compared to the savoury depth of bacon, with a subtly sweet, woody undertone. They're a great plant-based alternative to traditional meats in your favourite recipes.

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Waste of money

Hi Daniela,

We're truly sorry to hear that your experience with our mushroom growing kit hasn't lived up to the high standards we aim for. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through any questions or concerns you might have.

We've already reached out via email and are eager to provide support to resolve any issues. Please know that we're always contactable and firmly committed to finding a resolution that works for you.

We hope to turn your experience into a positive one!

Warm regards,
The Urban Farm-It Team


Bought as a Christmas gift but didn’t realise you have to start growing them within 5 days of arrival. Thought I was being really organised getting shopping done early but now I’ve ended up with a mushroom growing kit of my own and will have to buy again for my friend nearer the time… not too bad as I wanted one for myself anyway but could have been made more clear when purchasing, because now I’m having to buy it twice.

Excellent support for new growers!

A brilliant company to buy from, excellent quality kit and fantastic customer support. My first go at growing and I’ve had such excellent advice and help along the way. I would definitely recommend them

Problem with one box, the seller sorted it quickly and with consideration, offering lots of support

First box, not sure what I did wrong with but the seller was extremely helpful. I have just harvested may first lot>.. delicious! Thank you.

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