Lion's Mane Kit
Growing Guide.

Everything you need to get started with your kit.


1. Prepare your block

  • Remove your Lion's Mane block from the cardboard box and place upright onto a flat surface. The block is contained within a grow bag which should not be removed.
  • Using clean scissors or a sharp knife, cut off the two corners at the top of the grow bag.
  • Roll the top of the bag down tightly to push out any excess air, then secure it closed with tape.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut a cross on one face of the Lion's Mane block, approximately 3cm in diameter and a slash along the top, the mushrooms will fruit out of one or both of these holes.
  • Place the prepared block upright on a tray or plate.

2. Create a humid growing environment

  • Cut two circular holes, approximately 5cm in diameter, halfway down the bag on each side.
  • Place the bag over the block of mushrooms, loosely resting the skewers on top of the block to create space for airflow.

3. Find a suitable location

  • Choose a spot indoors that is between 16-21°C and has access to natural ambient light.
  • Avoid placing the block near radiators, boilers, pipes, or propagation mats, as these can create concentrated sources of heat or fluctuations in temperature that can stress the fungi.
  • A greenhouse is not suitable.

4. Spraying your kit

  • Twice a day, remove the humidity bag and generously spray the inside walls and outside of the block with water.
  • Do not spray directly into the cuts, and always put the bag back in place.
  • You can also add a small amount of water to the plate that the block is sitting on to increase humidity.

5. Fruiting

  • After approximately 10-15 days, you should start to see your Lion's Mane mushrooms growing!
  • Continue to spray the humidity bag twice a day, but avoid spraying the mushroom caps directly.
  • If mushrooms start to grow beneath the plastic of the grow bag, do not cut any extra holes! They will naturally find their way out.
  • Some growths will naturally be abandoned as the fungus channels all its energy into one mushroom.

6. Harvest

  • Your Lion's Mane mushrooms are ready to harvest when the growth slows, their spines begin to lengthen, and the fruit begins to turn yellow on top.
  • Gently grab the mushroom at the base of the clump and twist with one full turn to separate it from the block.
  • If your Lion's Mane mushrooms start to release their spores (this can be identified by a white layer of 'dust' over nearby surfaces), harvest them immediately, as they will not grow any more!
  • Once harvested, Lion's Mane mushrooms can be stored in the fridge for approximately 5 days.
  • Avoid wrapping your mushrooms in plastic, as a paper bag is ideal.
  • Do not wash them before storage, and store them whole rather than sliced.

7. What to do next

  • To reduce the risk of rot or contamination within the block, thoroughly wash your hands and then remove any leftover stems or pins from the block.
  • Re-hydrate the Lion's Mane block by submerging it fully in cool clean water for approximately 8 hours.
  • Once soaked, remove the block and allow all excess water to drain before placing the humidity bag back over the top.
  • Resume spraying the inside of the bag as per stage 4 of the instructions!
  • You can expect 2 harvests from your block, but you may achieve 3 in perfect conditions.