Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn
Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn
Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn
Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn

Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn

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Chopped Wheat Straw

The Wine Cap Mushroom (Stropharia rugoso-annulata) presents a unique opportunity for gardening enthusiasts and mushroom aficionados alike. Often celebrated for its robust fruiting body, this mushroom is known for growing remarkably well in various environments, including on straw mulch in vegetable beds.

Our Wine Cap Mushroom Straw Spawn is low fourth-generation spawn, assuring you of both high-quality and dependability. In the hands of gardeners, it transforms vegetable beds into thriving mushroom patches, offering abundant fruiting periods and an extraordinary gardening experience. From your garden to your plate, the Wine Cap Mushroom is sure to delight.

  • Perfect for gardeners: inoculate straw mulch in vegetable beds.
  • Fourth-generation spawn: ensures quality and reliability.
  • Adaptable to various conditions, including mild heat - perfect for outdoor growing.
  • Consistent and abundant harvests.
  • Earthy, savoury flavor: a culinary asset.
  • Suitable for all levels of growers; 4-5 month growth cycle.
Stropharia rugoso-annulata
Inoculation Rate
Mix with ± 2-10% spawn
Recommended Substrate
Straw, ideal for mulching on vegetable beds
Room temperature of 20-22 °C, Substrate temperature of 25-30 °C, Duration of ca. 4 weeks
Fruiting Conditions
Room temperature of 10-20 °C, Relative humidity of 80-85%, CO2-concentration less than 1500 ppm, Light not necessary
Number: 2-3, Interval: 2-4 weeks
Total Production Cycle
Approximately 4-5 months
Average Yield
150 to 200g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

The Wine Cap Mushroom offers an earthy, savoury flavour, ideal for those wishing to explore unique and delightful tastes. Perfectly suited for gardeners and hobbyists looking to add depth to their home-cooked meals.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Good condition, planted a bed last autumn, lots of shrooms this spring, to many to keep up with

Claire de Mortimer-Griffin
Many many kilos of tasty wine caps

I’ve had many many kilos of wine cap mushrooms from this spore:

They were layered in a dedicated wood chip and cardboard bed that was in partial shade and kept damp with rain water.

And a few hands thrown, superficially dug into vege beds.

BOTH produced carrier bags full of yummmmmy mushrooms.

The Wine caps have dried really well keeping their texture and taste.

Easy, fun and yum.

Wonderful and easy mushrooms to grow

I made a mushroom bed from hay, grass clippings and wood shavings and in two weeks the mushrooms just started popping up! They smell so nice and taste great.

Able to talk to the team - beginner grower

I was able to talk to the team and get advice before I purchased as I wanted to grow outdoors in a prepared bed.

It is a success, I have no fuss mushrooms growing on their own.

Many thanks for the great advice for growing this type and I am ready to set up another bed now and enjoy my 1st harvest.

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