Shiiitake Mushroom Grain Spawn

Strain: Lentinula edodes

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Prized worldwide for its rich flavour and versatile abilities in the kitchen, our shiitake grain spawn will get you growing in no time. Using grain spawn is a higher intensity route to growing shiitakes but promises a speedier harvest. 

When growing Shiitake mushrooms with grain spawn, it is essential you sterilise your substrate beforehand. All our spawn boasts a very low generational count. The lower the generation of the spawn, the nearer to the original spore sample, so at only the fourth generation, Urban Farm-It can promise you the best. It is also double tested and axenic, meaning you are guaranteed a crop of shiitake and shiitake alone. 

  • Speedy way to grow shiitake
  • Suitable for returning customers/avid urban growers
  • Capable of producing up to three flushes
  • Naturally rich in Vitamin D

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Product Description

Product Description

Shiitake mycelium is unusual, in that it develops brown mycelia as compared to the usual fine white mycelium networks you may see when growing other mushrooms. Very often it can be mistaken for mould or rot. Shiitake offers a new experience with mushroom growing, and we at Urban Farm-It offer fast and responsive in depth customer service to make sure you get the most out of your grow. 

All of our spawn is stored in specialist breathable Microsac bags. This means that the spawn is always at its freshest, from our fridges to yours.

For larger quantities, check out our wholesale collection. 

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Growing Time: 2-4 months

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