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Urban Grower

Grower level products are the perfect way to start your Urban Farming journey. They are designed for new growers as well as experienced growers looking for a new challenge, empowering people and businesses to take back their food sovereignty. We aim to provide products that break down confusing concepts such as aquaponics, hydroponics and fungiculture making them easy to understand and use in day to day life.

Not only will you get the products that allow you to grow your own food but also high-level guidance, support and learning material to further your knowledge and confidence. We offer a unique array of tutorial videos, downloadable guides and UK customer service that ensures you have everything you need to have success right from day 1.

Let us take you on a journey to a more sustainable future for us all, starting with an Urban Farm-It grower level product.

Urban Farmer

Farmer level products allow you to take your growing even further than you thought possible! It is the next steppingstone on the road to fully sustainable food. Our range includes: cutting edge products, raw materials, spawn, fertilisers and the tools you need to create well established and long-lasting food growing systems.

We offer wholesale products for hobbyists and commercial customers. All of which come with a quality guarantee as well as competitive pricing.

As well as this, Urban Farm-It strives for innovation and to push the boundaries of what people are able to achieve in their own homes! To that end we are developing a series of futuristic products that are unlike anything seen in the country so far.

Let us guide you up the skill levels and grow into a fully-fledged Urban Farmer.