Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grain Spawn

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Lion's Mane, also known as Monkey's Head or its Latin name, Hericium erinaceus, is best known for its unique appearance—resembling a mane of white, flowing tendrils, or mane of a lion—this fungi has not only captured the attention of foodies but also that of researchers and health enthusiasts.

There has been growing excitement around Lion's Mane for its cognitive and medicinal benefits in the last few years. As more and more research emerges, demand for this mushroom in both supplement and fresh forms has soared, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

When it comes to versatility, Lion's Mane has a lot to offer. You can cook it, dry it, extract its components, or even turn it into tea. While some consider it to be slightly more challenging to cultivate than oyster mushrooms, it's a reliable choice for both beginner and experienced growers, offering steady, year-round indoor production. When cultivated under optimal conditions, these mushrooms provide robust first, second, and even third harvests—making them a superb option for commercial cultivation.

Originating from the hardwood forests of North America, Europe, and Asia, Lion's Mane thrives on a substrate mix of 80% hardwood, 10% cereals, and 10% bran. If you're considering indoor cultivation, it pairs well with a SacO2 T-Filter growing bag.

Key Features

  • Experience hassle-free home inoculation with our top-quality, low generation spawn.
  • Double-tested and certified free from contamination for unrivalled reliability in every cultivation cycle.
  • Performs exceptionally well on hardwood but is also compatible with other substrates, giving you flexibility in your cultivation.
  • Expect abundant harvests with an average yield of ~150g of mushrooms per kg of fresh substrate.
  • Harvest the cognitive and culinary benefits of Lion’s Mane in as little as 20 days from inoculation.
  • Highly sought after for its cognitive health benefits and unique, shellfish-like flavour, making it a popular choice for both wellness and gourmet applications.

Cultivation Info

Hericium erinaceus
Inoculation Rate
Mix with ± 1-10% spawn
Recommended Substrate
Composition: 80% hardwood (mixed fine + coarse), 10% cereals, 10% bran
Room temperature: 25 °C, Substrate temperature: 27 °C, Duration: Ca. 20 days
Primordia Induction
(Night time)* temperature: 18-24 °C, Relative humidity: 90-95%
Fruiting Conditions
Room temperature: 16-21 °C, Relative humidity: 85–95%, CO2-concentration: 500-1000 ppm, Light: Less than 500 lux
Number: 2, Interval: ca. 2 weeks, Between flushes: (No data provided)
Average Yield
Approx. 150 g saleable mushrooms per kg fresh substrate†

Flavour Profile

The Lion's Mane mushroom offers a unique cooking experience, featuring a mildly sweet flavour and a tender texture that mimics shellfish like scallops, crab, or lobster. Highly versatile, these mushrooms can be seared and served as the centrepiece of a dish or used as a sumptuous ingredient in dishes like mock Crab Louie Salad. Lion’s Mane can also be prepared like a steak using a technique popularised by plant-based chef, Derek Sarno.


To use Lion's Mane grain spawn, first ensure your substrate is well-prepared and sterilised. Then, mix the grain spawn into your substrate at an inoculation rate of approximately 1%. Maintain room temperature at around 25°C, and substrate temperature at 27°C. The colonisation will typically complete in about 20 days.

For optimal results with Lion's Mane, use a substrate mix consisting of 80% hardwood (both fine and coarse), 10% cereals, and 10% bran. Ensure that the substrate is well-sterilised before inoculating. If you're interested in alternative substrate options, consider using our plug spawn for more versatility.

The inoculation rate for Lion's Mane grain spawn is approximately 1-10%. So, for 1 kg of substrate, you would typically use about 10-100g of grain spawn. Please adjust the quantities according to the total weight of your substrate.

On average, you can expect a yield of approximately 150 grams of fresh Lion's Mane mushrooms per kilogram of fresh substrate. The fruiting conditions should be maintained at a room temperature of 16-21°C, humidity levels of 85-95%, and CO2 levels between 500-1000 ppm. Typically, you can expect two flushes with an interval of about two weeks between them.

Store your Lion's Mane grain spawn in a cool, dark place. The spawn is double-tested, axenic, and packed in a sealed Microsac, ensuring a high degree of sterility. For maximum viability, use within the shelf-life specified by the supplier, typically a few months.

No, you do not have to use all the Lion's Mane grain spawn at once. However, once the seal is broken on the Microsac, the risk of contamination increases. Re-seal the bag tightly and store appropriately if not using all the spawn.

Lion's Mane mycelium appears as a white, fluffy network. Over time, this will colonise your substrate before forming stemless, spherical fruit bodies that resemble sea anemones due to their long, sloppy spines.

Our Lion's Mane grain spawn is available in 1L or 5L Microsac options. These are high-grade spawn bags intended for professional mushroom producers.

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