Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit
Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit

Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit

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The best and most natural way to grow these mushrooms is on hardwood logs using mushroom dowels. This is a gradual (6-12 months for first harvest) and low-intensity method that can see you harvesting shiitake mushrooms 4-6 times a year for up to 6 years. Traditionally, logs to be inoculated would be placed adjacent to ones that have already grown the mushrooms and the spores would infiltrate the new logs naturally. However, since the development of the mushroom farming industry over the last 100 years it is now possible to implant mycelium directly into the logs and get a “head start” on the traditional method.

  • The ideal growing conditions for the shiitake mushrooms are: 14-17 C
  • We recommend a storage temperature of no higher than 5 C
  • First harvest: Seasonally in Autumn or Spring

Our Shiitake Mushroom Log Growing Kit includes:

  • 50 x Shiitake Mushroom Plugs
  • Log Sealing Wax
  • Waxing brush
  • 8mm Drill Bit
  • Detailed Log Grow Guide


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How it works


Drill evenly spaced holes into the log with the provided drill bit


Inoculate the log by inserting the included mushroom plugs


Melt the wax to prepare for the sealing process


Seal the inserted plugs for protection & to retain moisture


Place your log in a suitable setting and wait for those delicious mushrooms!

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and exactly as described.

Mark Eames
Mushroom growing on my allotment

I've done my research.. seen the videos..etc etc... I'm going all out this year .. wine caps.. oyster..and shatacki..spawn/ doles... can't wait to see the end result...


I haven't received the item yet 😕

Mrs Smith
Sorry ignore the below

Sorry ignore the below. I now see I must have ordered a gift set by accident

richard smith
but where do we get the logs from

it all sounds easy and well informed
but living in a very urban city i have no idea where to buy logs
some clues would help

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