Harvst - Sprout S24 - 4 Season Mini Greenhouse

Harvst - Sprout S24 - 4 Season Mini Greenhouse

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The Sprout S24 can take 24 standard sized seed trays over four shelves and the base. Extra shelves are available for the GH, Solar and 3-season models. Alternatively, use a large garden tray, grow tubs, or your pots or containers on the mesh shelves. The Sprout has been developed on the windy, gale-ridden west coast of Wales – it’s a strong, reliable greenhouse that will last you many years.

Self watering, so you don't have to.

Your Harvst mini greenhouse takes care of the watering while you are away, and also provides a regular watering regime which helps many plants grow better
A submersible water pump and a range of drippers and sprayers are included, all you need is a water tank or water butt nearby. If you want to use a garden hose connected permanently to the greenhouse, you can do that instead.
Watering times are set on the Harvst app, from twice a day to once a week, for a duration of one second upwards. You can choose to water more on hot days, and water less on cool days, to save water when it’s not needed, prevent your plants getting water logged, and also make sure your plants don’t dry out when they are likely to be drinking more.

Automatic opening, for variable weather

Here in the UK, we have such variable weather that no two days are the same, especially in the spring and autumn, when temperatures can vary hugely from one day to the next. The Sprout S24 will keep firmly shut on cool days, keeping valuable warmth inside. When it’s hot, the lid will open automatically to vent heat and prevent your plants overheating. No electricty needed – just the magic of melting wax and springs. You can adjust the temperature at which the greenhouse starts to open, from around 18C to 30C.

Manage and monitor from anywhere with the Harvst web app

The Harvst control system can connect to your home WiFi and record data in your Harvst account, which you can access from anywhere. You can update settings in the app from anywhere with an internet connection, and your greenhouse will update within half an hour. You can also set your greenhouse to send you email alerts when the temperature gets too low or too high, or (if you have optional soil moisture sensors fitted) the soil gets too dry.
If you don’t have WiFi available for your greenhouse, that’s fine too. The system will run with all other features in offline mode. You’ll need a smartphone or tablet to connect to the control unit to update settings, when you are near the greenhouse. Compatible with iPhone and Android.

Extend your season with greenhouse heating.

The S24 4-season model is heated with two low-voltage, waterproof heater cables. These are woven through the mesh shelves to provide a warm layer underneath your growing containers, keeping the soil at the right temperature for germination and growing on. Choose the temperature using the Harvst app. Unlike other mini greenhouses which can quickly overheat if left unattended, the Sprout will quickly vent excess heat via the automatic opening roof if the sun comes out on an otherwise cold day. With heaters on full, the S24 mini greenhouse can maintain a soil temperature at least 10C above ambient, without wind chill.

Year-round growing with LED grow lights.

The S24 4-season model comes with eight waterproof LED grow lights, which are fitted under the shelves. These let you grow all through the winter, or can be used at any time of year to boost the light in a north facing garden. The lights are bright, so if you live in an urban area you’ll probably want to keep your lights on only during the day; perhaps from 7am to 8pm. The lights are waterproof and can withstand the wet conditions in the greenhouse. They give off a fair bit of warmth, further helping the growing conditions in the greenhouse during winter. Control the light timings using the app, with two separate on times per day.

Perfect for container growing

All our Sprout mini greenhouses are designed for standard gardening seed trays, gravel trays, drip trays and our deep grow tubs (for larger plants such as chard, spring onions and even carrots and beetroot).

Designed for easy assembly

We’ve worked hard to make the Sprout range easy to put together at home. We supply tools and a genuine English setup manual, as well as videos to help you along the way. If you’d like your Sprout assembled by a professional, get in touch and we’ll locate an installer near you.

What's in the box?


  • Greenhouse w/ four shelves
  • Automatic lid opener
  • Smart control system
  • Mains power supply
  • Temperature sensor
  • Irrigation kit with pump
  • Two heater cables
  • Eight 10W strip lights
  • WiFi connectivity

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