Elliot Webb

CEO & Founder

Elliot Webb is the founder of Urban Farm-It, as well as a passionate grower and educator of alternative agriculture based in the UK. After completing his BSc Degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Elliot's experiences in traditional fish farming exposed him to the impact that such practices can have on the environment and food quality. Frustrated by the gap between commercial farming technology and home-level production, Elliot sought accessible solutions for everyone.

Established in 2019, Urban Farm-It simplifies "grow your own" practices for consumers by incorporating aquaponics, hydroponics, fungi culture, and permaculture into daily life. Driven by a mission to lead a global movement toward sustainability and self-sufficiency, Urban Farm-It aspires to positively disrupt the current food production culture. The company focuses on inspiring individuals, empowering communities, and enabling businesses to embark on a food-growing journey that benefits the planet.