Button Mushroom Grain Spawn
Button Mushroom Grain Spawn
Button Mushroom Grain Spawn

Button Mushroom Grain Spawn

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Our Button Mushroom Grain Spawn ensures a delightful homegrown experience with its small, white-capped appearance. Unlike supermarket variants, this product promises a more sustainable approach, free from plastic waste and additional carbon footprints.

The spawn is specially selected and double-tested to ensure it's axenic, meaning it is free from competing species. This leads to an assured and satisfying crop of button mushrooms, whether you're growing them at home or aiming for commercial production.

  • Sourced from fresh living spawn, double-tested and free from competing species.
  • Suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike, offering a reliable crop of button mushrooms.
  • High in Vitamin D, adding a nutritious boost to your meals.
  • Designed for traditional or synthetic Agaricus-compost, providing flexibility in cultivation.
  • Total production cycle ranges from 5 to 11 weeks, depending on cultivation methods.
  • Potential yield of 30 to 35 kg/m², making it a valuable addition to both personal and commercial cultivation.
Agaricus bisporus
Inoculation Rate
8-10 litre spawn/ton
Recommended Substrate
traditional or synthetic Agaricus-compost
compost temperature: 23-27 °C; duration: 13-17 days; CO2-concentration: 5000-12000 ppm
Primordia Induction
(night time)* temperature: 20-21 °C; air temperature: 17-18 °C; relative humidity: 90-95 %; CO2-concentration: 1000-1200 ppm
number: 2 to 5; interval and conditions based on cultivation method
Total Production Cycle
from the end of incubation: 5 to 11 weeks
Average Yield
30 to 35 kg/m² at a fill weight of 90 kg/m² fully grown compost

The Button Mushroom is known for its mild and versatile flavour, able to complement a wide variety of dishes. From stews to salads, the button mushroom adds texture and earthy tones that are cherished by chefs and home cooks alike.


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