Microbox - Round (280 ml) - Bulk (456/Box)
Microbox - Round (280 ml) - Bulk (456/Box)

Microbox - Round (280 ml) - Bulk (456/Box)

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The Sac O2 Microbox round container is designed for efficient mushroom cultivation. It incorporates a depth-filtration system for clean airflow and contaminant blockage, optimising your fungal growth environment. Select from various filter types to match your cultivation needs, ensuring healthy development and yield.

  • Cover: 90 mm diameter
  • Base: 80 mm diameter
  • Height: 60 mm
  • Volume: 280 ml

Full box sizes:

  • Gamma Irradiated (G): 456 lids/456 vessels
  • Non Gamma Irradiated, Autoclavable (NG/NP): 465 lids/465 vessels

Important: Customisable filter options are available in full box orders only.

Selecting the ideal filter for your microbox can significantly influence the growth and yield of your mushroom cultures. Our filters are designed to cater to different stages and needs of fungal development, ensuring your cultures receive the proper gas exchange required for healthy growth.


  • #10 White Filter: This filter is tailored for mushrooms that require a longer incubation period, offering a lower gas exchange rate suitable for early stages of growth.
  • #30 Red Filter: Designed for a balance between gas exchange and incubation time, this filter is ideal for mushrooms that are at an intermediate stage of development.
  • #40 Green Filter: For mushroom cultures that demand high gas exchange or are in the later stages of growth, the green filter provides the highest gas exchange rate, facilitating vigorous development.


Gas exchange capacity is integral to mushroom cultivation and is determined by the filter's Kv value – the volumetric gas exchange coefficient.

  • The #10 White Filter provides 9.87 GE/day for round microboxes, and 7.44 GE/day for oval microboxes, suitable for delicate phases of mushroom growth.
  • The #30 Red Filter increases this capacity to 15.58 GE/day and 10.83 GE/day for round and oval microboxes, respectively, perfect for developing mushrooms.
  • The #40 Green Filter offers the highest exchange at 81.35 GE/day and 62.87 GE/day for round and oval microboxes, which is optimal for mature mushroom cultures.
Preferred Method:
  1. Separate Packing: Place stacked containers and lids in an autoclavable bag. Optionally, insert tissue between boxes for easy post-autoclave separation.
  2. Autoclave: Sterilize containers and lids.
  3. Unwrap in Sterility: Remove them from the bag in sterile conditions.
  4. Fill with Medium: Under a Laminar Air Flow (LAF), fill containers with warm, sterilized medium.
  5. Secure Lids: Carefully snap lids around the rim.
  6. Store Safely: Keep the filled containers in a clean area.
Alternative Method:
  1. Medium Filling: Fill containers with medium.
  2. Prepare for Autoclave: Place a piece of non-woven tissue on one edge inside each container before loosely closing the lids, allowing vapor entry during autoclaving. Cover with aluminum foil if condensation is an issue.
  3. Autoclave: Place containers in the autoclave, slowly build up and then reduce pressure to prevent lid closure issues.
  4. Final Steps: Post-sterilization, remove the tissue, and securely snap the lid on the rim. If the box is warm, apply pressure carefully to close without deforming.
  5. Storage: Store in a clean area.

Insert non woven tissue: gas has free passage

Lid closed: Quick pressure increase

Lid closed: Quick pressure reduction


Note: Please refer to the specific lead times shown on product pages for more accurate delivery times.

  1. Small Orders (E.g. 100ml Spawn, Plugs): Sent via Royal Mail large letters.
  2. Medium-Sized Orders (under 2kg): Royal Mail 24-48 hour tracked parcel.
  3. Large Orders (2kg+): via DPD Express.


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